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[Met Performance] CID:32260
United States Premiere
Parsifal {1}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/24/1903
Debuts: Otto Goritz, Katherine Moran, Paula Braendle, Willy Harden, Julius Bayer, Miss Berndorf, Miss Clare, Jessie Clevinger, Miss Curtis, Minnie Egener, Mildred Elliott, Miss Franklin, Miss Geleng, Elsa Harris, Miss Hauke, Miss Hoffmann, Maud Meredith, Katherine Moran, Florence Mulford, Miss Pauli, Ida Rabenstein, Rosa Ritchie, Ada Schramm, Marie Strebel, Miss Siersdorfer, Miss White, Miss Wittig, Blanche Yorke, Blanche Yurka, Leopold Rothaug, Burghard & Co., Blaschke & Cie
First staged performance of Parsifal outside the Bayreuth Festival.
Chapter: The New Stage at the Metropolitan Opera House Rebuilt for the Production of Parsifal
Review, Photographs, Designs
[Met Performance] CID:32350
Parsifal {2}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/31/1903
[Met Performance] CID:32430
Parsifal {3}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/7/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32510
Parsifal {4}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/14/1904
Debut: Lucille Lawrence
[Met Performance] CID:32590
Parsifal {5}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/21/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32670
Parsifal {6}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/28/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32750
Parsifal {7}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/4/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32830
Parsifal {8}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/11/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32890
Parsifal {9}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/16/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32970
Parsifal {10}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/22/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33010
Parsifal {11}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/25/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33700
Parsifal {12}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/23/1904
[Met Performance] CID:35250
Parsifal {22}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 03/9/1905
Debuts: Hannah Keene, Florence Metzger
[Met Performance] CID:35310
Parsifal {23}
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 03/14/1905
Debut: Miss Walter
[Met Performance] CID:35350
Parsifal {24}
Cincinnati, Ohio; 03/17/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35390
Parsifal {25}
Chicago, Illinois; 03/21/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35410
Parsifal {26}
Chicago, Illinois; 03/23/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35460
Parsifal {27}
Minneapolis, Minnesota; 03/27/1905
Debut: Miss Hertz
[Met Performance] CID:35490
Parsifal {28}
Omaha, Nebraska; 03/29/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35510
Parsifal {29}
Kansas City, Missouri; 03/31/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35560
Parsifal {30}
Grand Opera House, San Francisco, California; 04/7/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35610
Parsifal {31}
Grand Opera House, San Francisco, California; 04/11/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35630
Parsifal {32}
Grand Opera House, San Francisco, California; 04/13/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35680
Parsifal {33}
Los Angeles, California; 04/17/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35700
Parsifal {34}
Dallas Opers House, Dallas, Texas; 04/21/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35710
Parsifal {35}
The Houston Theatre, Houston, Texas; 04/22/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35720
Parsifal {36}
New Orleans, Louisiana; 04/24/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35730
Parsifal {37}
Atlanta, Georgia; 04/26/1905
Debut: Miss Walker
[Met Performance] CID:35740
Parsifal {38}
Birmingham, Alabama; 04/27/1905
[Met Performance] CID:350549
Parsifal {39}
Nashville, Tennessee; 4/29/1905

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