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[Met Performance] CID:46700
Rigoletto {63}
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 02/10/1910
[Met Performance] CID:46820
Rigoletto {64}
Baltimore, Maryland; 02/16/1910
Debuts: George Baklanoff, Giuseppe Pacchiani
[Met Performance] CID:48340
Rigoletto {68}
Louisville, Kentucky; 04/30/1910
[Met Performance] CID:54670
Rigoletto {81}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/27/1913
[Met Performance] CID:60030
Rigoletto {82}
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia; 04/29/1915
Debut: Gennaro Papi
[Met Performance] CID:62180
Rigoletto {84}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/21/1916
[Met Performance] CID:67550
Rigoletto {96}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/29/1917
[Met Performance] CID:67760
Rigoletto {97}
Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York; 01/15/1918
Debut: Maria Conde

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