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[Met Concert/Gala] CID:319520
The MET Orchestra
New York, Carnegie Hall; 02/26/1995
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:320120
The MET Orchestra
Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.; 05/6/1995
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:320150
The MET Orchestra
Orchestra Hall, Chicago, Illinois; 05/10/1995
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350307
The MET Orchestra
Auditorio Našional de Musica, Madrid, Spain; 05/15/1999
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350313
The MET Orchestra
Kunsthalle, Bremen, Germany; 05/20/1999
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350328
The MET Orchestra
Carnegie Hall, New York; 11/07/1999

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