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[Met Performance] CID:34050
Tannhäuser {133}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/26/1904
Debuts: Emil Greder, Marguerite Carre
[Met Performance] CID:35020
Tannhäuser {135}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/18/1905
[Met Performance] CID:37000
Tannhäuser {138}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/17/1906
[Met Performance] CID:37580
Tannhäuser {140}
The Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois; 04/7/1906
[Met Performance] CID:39450
Tannhäuser {147}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/5/1907
[Met Performance] CID:39520
Tannhäuser {148}
Chicago, Illinois; 04/11/1907
[Met Performance] CID:39570
Tannhäuser {149}
Cincinnati, Ohio; 04/16/1907
[Met Performance] CID:39610
Tannhäuser {150}
St. Louis, Missouri; 04/18/1907

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