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[Met Performance] CID:284250
Tosca {699}
Wang Center for the Performing Arts, Boston, Massachusetts; 05/5/1986
Debuts: Lando Bartolini, Christian Badea
[Met Performance] CID:284320
Tosca {700}
Playhouse Square Center, Cleveland, Ohio; 05/12/1986
[Met Performance] CID:284390
Tosca {701}
Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/19/1986
[Met Performance] CID:310580
Tosca {750}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/17/1992
[Met Performance] CID:310620
Tosca {751}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/21/1992
[Met Performance] CID:311010
Tosca {752}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/1/1993
[Met Performance] CID:311040
Tosca {753}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/4/1993
[Met Performance] CID:311090
Tosca {754}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/9/1993
[Met Performance] CID:316160
Tosca {765}
New York, Manhattan, Central Park, Great Lawn; 06/7/1994
[Met Performance] CID:316221
Tosca {768}
Stanhope, New Jersey, Waterloo Village; 06/18/1994
[Met Performance] CID:316240
Tosca {769}
Montclair, New Jersey, Brookdale Park; 06/22/1994
[Met Performance] CID:316260
Tosca {770}
Pennsauken, New Jersey, Cooper River Park; 6/25/1994

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