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[Met Performance] CID:128420
Tosca {249}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/15/1940
[Met Performance] CID:128660
Tosca {250}
Boston Opera House, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/6/1940
[Met Performance] CID:128820
Tosca {251}
Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, Louisiana; 04/20/1940
[Met Performance] CID:133240
Tosca {258}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/7/1942
[Met Performance] CID:147560
Tosca {282}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/27/1948
[Met Performance] CID:147880
Tosca {283}
University of Nebraska Coliseum, Lincoln, Nebraska; 04/28/1948
[Met Performance] CID:147980
Tosca {284}
Northrup Memorial Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota; 05/8/1948
[Met Performance] CID:153620
Tosca {296}
Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia; 04/24/1950

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