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[Met Performance] CID:167550
Tosca {319}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/4/1955
[Met Performance] CID:167890
Tosca {320}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/5/1955
[Met Performance] CID:167990
Tosca {321}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/16/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168200
Tosca {322}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/8/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168270
Tosca {323}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/14/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168660
Tosca {325}
Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/16/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168680
Tosca {326}
Boston Opera House, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/19/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168840
Tosca {327}
The Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama; 05/3/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168980
Tosca {328}
University of Minnesota, Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota; 05/15/1955
[Met Performance] CID:169010
Tosca {329}
Music Hall of Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana; 05/18/1955
[Met Performance] CID:169110
Tosca {330}
Maple Leaf Gardens,Toronto, Canada; 05/26/1955
[Met Performance] CID:171460
Tosca {341}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/4/1956
[Met Performance] CID:171520
Tosca {342}
Lyric Theatre, Baltimore, Maryland; 04/10/1956
[Met Performance] CID:171770
Tosca {343}
The Mosque, Richmond, Virginia; 05/1/1956
[Met Performance] CID:171820
Tosca {344}
Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/5/1956
[Met Performance] CID:171860
Tosca {345}
Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, Tennessee; 05/10/1956
[Met Performance] CID:171890
Tosca {346}
Fair Park Auditorium, Dallas, Texas; 05/12/1956
[Met Performance] CID:171930
Tosca {347}
Municipal Auditorium, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; 05/16/1956

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