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[Met Performance] CID:227890
Tosca {547}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/17/1971
Debut: Joseph Andreacchi
[Met Performance] CID:248460
Tosca {600}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/1/1977
Change of Performance
[Met Performance] CID:249020
Tosca {604}
Boston, Massachusetts; 04/21/1977
[Met Performance] CID:249090
Tosca {605}
Cleveland Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/28/1977
[Met Performance] CID:249160
Tosca {606}
Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/5/1977
[Met Performance] CID:249210
Tosca {607}
Dixon-Myers Hall, Memphis, Tennessee; 05/10/1977
[Met Performance] CID:249403
Tosca {610}
Vienna, Virginia, (Wolf Trap Farm Park); 6/8/1977
[Met Performance] CID:249410
Tosca {611}
New York, Manhattan, Central Park; 06/14/1977
[Met Performance] CID:249430
Tosca {612}
New York, Brooklyn, Prospect Park; 06/17/1977
[Met Performance] CID:249470
Tosca {613}
New York, Bronx, Van Cortlandt Park; 06/22/1977
[Met Performance] CID:249490
Tosca {614}
East Meadow, New York, Eisenhower Park; 6/26/1977
[Met Performance] CID:256530
Tosca {635}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/15/1979
[Met Performance] CID:276530
Tosca {672}
Dixon-Myers Hall, Memphis, Tennessee; 05/15/1984

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