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[Met Performance] CID:76770
Tosca {152}
Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York; 01/15/1921
[Met Performance] CID:78110
Tosca {156}
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia; 04/30/1921
[Met Performance] CID:90340
Tosca {187} Cavalleria Rusticana {233}
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia; 04/25/1925
[Met Performance] CID:92780
Tosca {194}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/13/1926
[Met Performance] CID:93480
Tosca {195}
Eastman Theatre, Rochester, New York; 5/7/1926
[Met Performance] CID:96010
Tosca {200}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/26/1927

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