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[Met Performance] CID:201720
Turandot {65}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/27/1965
[Met Performance] CID:201860
Turandot {66}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/7/1965
[Met Performance] CID:201920
Turandot {67}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/12/1965
[Met Performance] CID:202010
Turandot {68}
War Memorial Auditorium, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/20/1965
[Met Performance] CID:202110
Turandot {69}
Cleveland Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/29/1965
[Met Performance] CID:202190
Turandot {70}
Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/6/1965
[Met Performance] CID:202250
Turandot {71}
State Fair Music Hall, Dallas, Texas; 05/12/1965
[Met Performance] CID:202310
Turandot {72}
Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, Missouri; 05/17/1965

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